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What makes hardwood floors so sought after, popular and highly used is their natural beauty and charm, enhanced durability and minimum maintenance requirements. A room with floors covered in hardwood has a style of its own, not to mention the type of comfort these floors are known to provide. However, just like with anything else around the house or office, without the right kind of cleaning and maintenance, you will be doing nothing more but limiting the lifespan of your precious floors and gradually subjecting them to damaging elements.

If you think simply vacuuming and mopping your floors should do the job, think again. These will only clean surface dirt and debris that is usually visible to the naked eye, while the deeply rooted contaminants and bacteria will continue to thrive deep inside the pores of the floor’s boards. If you suffer from any allergies and you are not sure what it is that is triggering them, the dirt hidden inside your floors could be the cause. Stop getting yourself or your loved ones/employees sick and regain the lost shine of your precious hardwood floors. The Carpet Cleaners 4 Less team is here to assist you every step of the way!

IICRC-Certified Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services We Provide:

  • home and office hardwood floor cleaning
  • advanced first and second scrubbing services
  • hand-cleaning and drying services for inaccessible areas
  • top coat application
  • periodical maintenance jobs
  • commercial-grade cleaning techniques
  • IICRC-certified technicians

We know maintenance is crucial when it comes to proper hardwood floor care. However, having the right type of cleaning techniques at hand means having an ace up your sleeve. Advanced hardwood floor cleaning services can significantly help your floors live for longer and look better than ever. With the help of commercial-grade cleaning techniques and products, we can vacuum, scrub, hand-clean and apply protective coating layers for optimum results every time. Get in touch with us if you need any other type of hardwood floor cleaning tasks and we will be happy to deliver.  We work fast and thorough and we have a friendly and well-experienced customer support team ready to answer your every question and concern.


Residential And Commercial Home Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Simple floor mopping will rarely get a deep cleaning job done at a satisfactory level. At best, it will eliminate all traces of visible dirt and residue, while leaving behind nasty and hard-to-access debris that usually gets stuck within the pores of your floor’s wooden boards. We have the right kind of equipment and expertise needed to tackle the deepest, most stubborn dirt and bacteria and pull it out to the surface only to eradicate it with our powerful cleaners.

We rely on industrial grade vacuum cleaners that help us eliminate all surface debris, as well s accumulated dust and dirt. Next, we will proceed to use our advanced auto scrubbing gear (using an alkaline cleaner first, together with a following second scrubbing using a neutral cleaner for best results). We strive to regain the long-lost shine in all types of wooden floors, no mater how old or damaged. We also use unbeatable manual scrubbing techniques for corners, stairs and other similar areas that are more difficult to access with the help of our auto scrubbing equipment.

Our advanced debris removal gear consists of a powerful cylindrical agitator that can successfully loosen all traces of dirt and debris that are still embedded within the pores of the stuck to the boards.

The Carpet Cleaners 4 Less team also uses advanced dirt extraction equipment that will leave your floors looking clean, dry and shiny.

Professional Scrubbing Services For Hardwood Floors

With the help of our carefully developed steam cleaning hardwood floor care and intensive treatment, our technicians will effectively tackle all traces of dirt that is more difficult to eliminate through the debris removal technique. With the help of a cylindrical agitator, they will loosen and remove all residue and remote the professional cleaning products in the floor using special extraction methods.

ASAP Carpet Cleaners also specializes in second scrubbing procedures that will thoroughly pick up any remaining residue.

Hand-Cleaning Services For Hardwood Floors

Some floor areas are more difficult to clean than others. Corners, stairways and areas near furniture items tend to get left out when doing your regular vacuuming and mopping. With the help of our well trained floor cleaning technicians, we will make sure all of these problematic surfaces will benefit from the care and attention they deserve.

We use expert microfiber cloths that can collect even the most stubborn traces of dirt and leave your floors looking brand new.

Professional Debris Removal

In the initial stage of the cleaning process, our technicians will eliminate all traces of debris and other residue covering the floors. This will prepare the floors for the advanced process that will follow, such as the scrubbing and the detailed hand-cleaning procedures.

Top Coat Application Services

We rely on high-quality clean, maintenance and protective top coats and sealers that will leave any freshly cleaned floor looking leave any floor looking sparkling clean. The good news is that there will be no need to worry about sanding your floors either, given the high efficiency rates of our top coat applications. Choose between our splendid gloss or satin finishes and let us make your streak-free floors look amazing once again. Our floor refinishers are dry-fast and will leave behind a powerful protecting layer that will keep water and dirt at bay for a longer time.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Prices

You will be glad to know that we charge some of the most affordable hardwood floor cleaning rates in the market. Our unparalleled cleaning services are only topped by our excellent customer support we warmly invite you to get in touch with for any further details. Ask for a free estimate, schedule an appointment and let us introduce you to the high-quality work we are renowned for.

Call today and allow us to bring back the natural shine and charm of your beloved hardwood floors in no time!