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Carpet Cleaners 4 Less specializes in bringing dull, dirty, stained or worn-out floors back to life with the help of advanced steam cleaning equipment and eco-friendly products. We know just how important it is to have clean floors inside your home or commercial space. An office, store or conference will always look and feel more inviting and comfortable when it is not covered in unsightly spots and mold. Discolored tile and dirty grout are equally uninviting inside bathroom and kitchen areas, since they stand out as soon as someone walks into the room.

The Carpet Cleaners 4 Less service has been created with the purpose of helping both residential and commercial customers receive the helping, skilled and diligent hand they need when a thorough floor cleaning is simply not in their schedule. Our top-notch floor cleaning services encompass anything from tile and grout cleaning to hardwood floor cleaning. We charge some of the most affordable rates in the industry and we are ready to handle any types of job, no matter how easy, complex or lengthy.

Expert Flooring Services We Currently Provide:

  • residential and commercial floor cleaning services
  • hardwood floor cleaning
  • tile and grout cleaning
  • truck-mounted steam cleaning services
  • protective sealing and top coating for extra shine
  • periodical maintenance for homes and offices
  • and more

If you cannot find a particular service on our list, make sure to get in touch with us and ask us about it. We pride ourselves in being able to tackle any kind of floor-related cleaning and maintenance issue with the utmost care, advanced tools and allergen-free, environmentally-friendly products.  Our customer support staff is friendly, open to suggestions and ready to inform you concerning each and every one of our services.

Residential And Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

Whether you need help with your office flooring or your home bathroom’s tile and grout look like they have seen better days, it is time to pick up the phone and give us a call. We can save you a lot of precious time and money on any hardwood floor or tile replacement projects you might have in mind, as well as DIY floor cleaning machines you might think about renting.


Let us do all the dirty work for you while you can relax and take care of other chores. No need to worry about finding an available steam floor cleaner in your area or buying the right kind of cleaning products for your exact type of floors. We specialize in all floor surfaces, including kitchen and bathroom countertops made of marble, natural stone, marble, porcelain, granite and anything in between.


We use high-power truck-mounted steam cleaners that can get deep inside the fibers and underneath the floors. You will not be looking at any shallow surface cleaning results once we will get the job done. We handle detailed hand-cleaning and drying on all home and office floor surfaces and we can also help you with any water extraction issues you may be dealign with as a result of a flood.


Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Allow us to prolong the lifespan of your beautiful and expensive hardwood floors with the help of our advanced hardwood floor cleaning services. We use the most advanced and safe procedures in the industry and we rely on the best types of hardwood floor cleaners that will leave any surface looking bright and clean. We can effectively eliminate all traces of dirt, bacteria, mildew, mold or oil and extract all dirt from deep within the boards and pores of your floors.

Tile And Grout Cleaning Services

Tile and grout is more difficult to clean than other surfaces given its specific particularities. Regular sweeping and mopping will simply not get the job done every time, or they will clean your floors in a shallow way. In order to effectively get rid of all dirt that has deeply embedded within the pores, we strongly recommend you to schedule an appointment with us and let us handle your needs with state-of-the-art equipment.


Get rid of the dull and darkened tile and grout in your kitchen or bathroom and let us remind you what clean, sparkling tile and grout is supposed to look light. We rely on powerful vacuum cleaners as well as rinse machines and we can complete any job fast and efficient.

Affordable Floor Cleaning Prices

We work with advanced machines that allow us to shorten the time needed to get a floor cleaning job done. This means we can afford to charge smaller rates compared to our direct competitors. We warmly invite you to get in touch with our customer support team and inquire about our prices and ask for a free estimate today.

Get in touch with us now and allow us to work our magic on your floors!